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Kaleidoscope Cove

Volta Family-in-Residence

March 30–October 30, 2016


Meet the Volta family - the Delaware Art Museum’s first Family-in-Residence!  Ben, Eilish, Milo (age 5), and Thor (age 3) Volta are a family of artists from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania that worked together to imagine and create art that other visitors can interact with in Kids’ Corner.  Working onsite and in their Philadelphia-based studio for 4 months, the Voltas developed the Howard Pyle-inspired installation by testing ideas and materials, working in collaboration with Museum staff, and inviting families to participate in the creation process at weekend workshops. 


Pyle’s painting The Mermaid and his depictions of pirates and the sea captured the Volta family’s imagination and became a starting point for the transformation of Kids’ Corner into an evolving treasure cove. Playing with the idea of a kaleidoscope of treasure, they abstracted Pyle’s images into a diamond pattern that break off the wall to become a wealth of three-dimensional geometric forms. The installation invites visitors of all ages to wander through a waterfall of cascading garlands, experience the light reflecting off golden coins, explore a geometric cove, reconfigure diamond-shaped magnets, and view works of art through prism-like kaleidoscopes. 



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